Angels all around

3SH just get better and better! Nearly everyone has discovered the desire to succeed, that wonderful feeling of achievement, the pleasure of pride and praise. There is an electrifying buzz in the class and I reckon it is here to stay….and to grow louder and LOUDER!

So where is this all coming from? Week Three found as applying all our preparation to create the ultimate write! Authors in the class have been producing fantastic pieces of elaborate and entertaining stories. Particularly well done to AVA for her story which followed the framework of ‘The Tunnel’ really closely and to Noah for his fabulous phraseology.

Times Tables are so important so this week we set about really focussing on them.  Each day we have spent time on a table culminating in an exciting ‘On the Boil’ where we aimed to answer as many tables as we could. Next week will offer the children a chance to better last week’s score.

Out Door Learning gave us a chance to embed our measuring lessons.  Children had great fun estimating and measuring. Thank you Mrs Mathews.

We had an angelic art lesson whilst listening to Handel’s Messiah. The angels will hang on Bloxham Primary School’s Christmas Tree at the St Mary’s Tree Festival – 1st to 3rd December.

Super Stars Rylee and Iris were super! New joint Times Table champions were Daisy, Annabelle combined with Jordan.  Top Achievers were Allissia and Orson. Magical mathematicians were Ravi and Finn for their capacity chat. Resilient right through were Jordan and Ethan.

Enjoy a happy weekend and Congratulations everyone.