Advent - a time to be kind

It is December! Count Down to Christmas. The children have all been very focussed this week in class but still enjoying certain aspects of the build-up. We have had great fun creating our own Advent Calendar with a difference! An Advent Calendar of Kindness. Behind each door is a suggestion of care, thoughtfulness or kindness. The children came up with the ideas and then the classroom elf prepared the calendar.  You may see Class 3SH performing their acts of kindness……

Division is always challenging but in typical 3SH style we have approached it positively, actively and cleverly. Children have been pushing themselves to divide 2 digit numbers above the times tables and finding some numbers have remainders. Many children have discovered the joy of using inverse to check the answers.

We have all learned amazing facts about animal homes. Each child has chosen their animal of choice and researched! The fact texts they are producing are very informative reads and well laid out with sub headings and paragraphs.

We are still rocking in Science and now seem very clear about the three rock types –Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic.  Ask a child to tell you more.

Thank you for donating white sheets…..they are starting their metamorphism ….

Super Stars Isla and Ethan have been stalwarts in the job as well as continuing to shine in the classroom. Top Achiever is Lewis Bestley, Resilient with division was Jack, and Mathematical Mathematician is Fraser and Times Table Champion – Noah.