Time does sail past when you are having fun!

Class 2O have had another week where their engagement and enthusiasm in their school work has put a smile on my face everyday!

We have been busily working on time this week in Maths and the children have developed a really strong understanding of analogue and digital times. 

In English we have continued to innovate the text of 'Little Boat' by Kathy Henderson.  What a lovely story that the class have really enjoyed learning about.  We have just begun to develop our story matrixes ready to write next week!  I'm hoping for some epic tales of waterfaring objects.  Maybe a dragon or two wouldn't go amiss either!

The Titanic has so far been a very popular topic with the children.  A big thank you to Miss Staples for creating the giganitic Titanic mural in the school hall and raising her (The Titanic!) from the watery grave!  This week, we have been researching photographs of the Titanic and learning about the route she took from Southampton.