Strange visitor from Hob Hill!

What an extraodinary week in Year 2!  

Unbeknown to us, we had a visitor for our English lesson.  The evil witch Helga! She came to tell us about how she turned from a good witch to a bad witch.  This was pretty incredible seeming as how our best text for non-fiction writing is to explain how this happened (as if we planned it  wink).  The children had some fantastic questions for Helga and we were able to reflect brilliantly on our weeks' learning. 


We have had a busy week in Maths learning about the different properties of 2D shapes.   The children used Venn Diagrams to sort and classify shapes expertly.  


We were lucky to have a visit from our class governor, Mr Finlay on Tuesday who helped us to make our kites in our topic lesson.  Thank you also to Mrs Brightmore who also gave up her afternoon to come and help us.  


I have had a few questions from parents regarding cursive handwriting, so I have attached an image of the alphabet cursive we use in school to help. 


Here's to another happy week in year 2!


Mr O