It's beginning to look a lot like... debate time!

What a fantastic week we have had in 2O!  

In English, we have been learning about debates.  The topic we have been debating has been whether or not Giants should be allowed to keep their possessions or not.  The children have all inputted brilliantly and we are looking forward to innovating our own ideas this week.  

In  Maths, the children excelled at understanding multiples of 2,5 and 10, setting us up for learning about arrays this week.  

Hurrah!  The pom pom angels are complete!  Anybody who saw the Christmas tree festival would have been amazed at the angel explosion and the beautiful performance by the school choir.  

In RE we have been learning about why God gave Jesus to the world.  We have learnt that he was sent to teach us to be kind and respectful to one another.  Also to ensure we treat others like we would be treated ourselves.  

We have been really busy rehearsing for our Christmas Nativity which will take place next Wednesday morning!  

The whistle test in our PE lessons has been a competition between classes to show how well we can take part in the lessons!

Awesome attendance this week because we won attendance Ted!  Well done everybody!  


2O, over and out!