Who would like the bigger half?


We have learnt a new text map about keeping lions safe – it is an information text, specifically a persuasive text. We looked at the structure of the text and moved it about – which did not affect the understanding of the text. However, we all ended up with the title at the top as we said this was important to know what the text is.

In Maths we have been learning about fractions – halves and quarters. Miss Naidu used Kit Kats and oranges to help explain these – we did not eat any! We know that fractions have to be equal, so no-one can have the bigger half!

During Science we have been learning about materials – we designed a house for a tortoise. It had to have light and dark areas so we had to use our knowledge from our investigation last week.

In PE we had our golden PE lesson as the weather was good – we were slightly concerned as it was hailing in the morning but the sun then came out. We skipped and hola-hooped, played football and catch.

We have our new spellings in our pouches to learn for next week.

Word of the week: fraction

Thought of the week: ‘Do the right thing even when no-one is watching’