We know how to keep healthy!

Today we learnt about healthy and unhealthy choices. Using a formula: eating+ drinking a balanced diet + active +sleeping + keeping clean = being healthy! We remembered all the key points to be healthy.

This week in English we have been learning the Gruffalo; we have been innovating the text and describing our new characters ready for our stories next week. We will be using many adjectives!

Yesterday in Maths, we undertook an investigation. We had to choose 2 odd numbers and one even number and add them altogether – we had to prove the answer was correct with some equipment. When found that when we added 2 odd numbers it made an even number.

In Science we had to be reciprocal by deciding which animals we thought belonged to different habitats. There were some disagreements (which we know is good when discussing) but we explained our reasoning to the class.

We were all very excited after Mrs Sanderson came in and painted with us. Our focus this term is Kandinsky!


Thought of the week:

Alice: This is impossible!

Mad Hatter: Only if you believe it is.

Word of the week: sharing