Wow! It's already the end of our second week in Year 1.

This week we have learnt about how to be responsible when using computers and especially when using our school ipads. Today we explored how to use the ipads by swiping and tapping. It was awesome said Caleb!

Our Maths learning this week has focused on learning number bonds to 5 and 10. Ask us if we can tell you any of our number bonds to 10! We have been showing number bonds to 10 using our fingers, Numicon, pegs, cubes and bead strings. We have also played some number bonds to 10 games.

In Literacy, we have been innovating our story of the BFG - ready for our busy writing week next week!

We have already reached lilypad 11 on our class reward chart . . . maybe we'll reach 20 next week and be able to choose a class treat!

Having learnt about similes this week as well, we're feeling, 'as happy as a dancing dog!' laugh



Adam has enjoyed the ipads in school and has enjoyed learning how to be safe on ipads :)


Thanks for reminding the children to tell their parents to check the blog! It led us to have a good chat about H's week at school.

Tyler is loving the bfg theme!!

Jacob is LOVING his new class, especially:

Learning about the BFG and maths. And dinosaurs. And lunchtimes when you play. And break. laughbroken heartangryenlightened

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