On Tuesday 17th October some of our pupils took part in the Triathlon at Sibford School, competing against other schools in the Warriner Partnership. In year 3 and 4 they compete as part of a team and in years 5 and 6 as individuals. Everyone had a fabulous time and did really well showing great determination and resilience.

We asked our competitors for just one word to describe their experience on the day. Here are just a few: fun, awesome, epic, competitive, exciting, inspiring and challenging.


Results: Our Year 3 boys teams came 2nd and 3rd, Year 3 girls came 4th, Year 4 boys came 4th and Year 4 girls came 2nd.

Our year 5 and 6 competitors should also be very proud of their efforts and individual times, all finishing within the top ten positions!

Congratulations to all the competitiors:


Y6 individuals- Martha Simons, Lily Baldwin, Charlie Stapleton and Thomas Finlay

Y5 individulals– Isabel Hunt, Layla Williams, Tom Sayers and Max Carter.

Y4 teams- Keira Stegal, Eleanor Puddle, Liberty Bennet, Dylan Blackhall, Tom Baldwin and Kajus Ringys

Y3 teams- Iris Murphy, Bea Labuda, Eva Angel, Jordan Harper, Joe Williams, Finn Gibbs, Harrison Hill, Isaac Finlay and Charlie Johnstone.


Written by Martha and Lily

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