You will be receiving your child’s report on Thursday 13th July.

To keep you informed of your child’s learning, assessment bookmarks have been sent home on a regular basis, during the year. Children are assessed continuously during lessons to help them move on with their learning. The report should be a reflection of your child’s learning over this academic year.

Foundation stage reports for children in F1 consist of 17 early learning goal descriptors and the 3 characteristics of effective learning.

Reports for children in years 1 – 6 have Religious Education listed first reflecting the fact that we are a Church of England school. The report then covers the core subjects plus subjects taught by specialists e.g. music and P.E.

For each of these subject areas, we will assess the child’s focus when learning.

The standards of focus are:

A – Excellent level of focus                 B – Good level of focus

C – Satisfactory level of focus            D – Greater focus needed

We have deliberately avoided using effort as a measure. It isn’t always possible to assess a child’s effort through their work, e.g. written work can be of a high standard but the child has put very little effort into it.

Comments will include the skills the children have acquired during the academic year.

There is a separate box noting your child’s next steps with their learning.

Pupil Attainment

We will be reporting pupil attainment in terms of emerging, expected and exceeding according to national age-related expectations.


Emerging: This is given to a child who is working towards the expected standard for their year group.


Expected: This is given to a child who has met the expected standard for their year group.


Exceeding: This is given to a child who has exceeded the expected standard for their year group.

N.B. The national expectations have increased significantly with the introduction of the new national curriculum. This means, for example, if your child was exceeding in foundation stage, they may not necessarily be exceeding in year 1. However, they still would have made good progress.

The level of reading on the report relates to the expected standard of reading for that particular year group. The assessment reading record card that is sent home is for your child’s comprehension skills. Your child may be exceeding in their skills but if the books they are reading are below their age expectations their attainment will show they are emerging in reading.

The 5Rs of Effective Learning

Today’s schools need to be educating not just for exam results but for lifelong learning. To help the children build their learning power we teach the 5Rs of learning. Being:

Resilient, Resourceful, Reflective, Reciprocal and Responsible

Non core subjects will be included in the 5Rs, focusing on the skills acquired.

Pupil Comment

Your child will have the opportunity to comment on their learning strengths and what they feel are their next steps.

Peer Comment

Peer comments are not necessarily written by your child’s close friends but by randomly picked peers.

Either the Headteacher or myself will add a comment as we are sure you and your child would like to feel their achievements have been recognised.

Saving paper

All reports are saved electronically on our school system so we are able to refer to the report to see your child’s next steps with their learning.

The original copy is sent home for you to discuss with your child and for you to keep. We are sure you will want to celebrate your child’s successes and discuss with them their next steps in their learning.

Please fill in and send the parental slip back to the class teacher. Your comments are important to us and the Headteacher and Deputy Head will be made aware of what you have said.

For parents who wish to discuss the report with their child’s teacher, please book an appointment with the teacher in order to see them after school on Tuesday 18th or Wednesday 19th July.

Alongside your child’s report you will find the name of the class teacher for 2017/18.  The phonic screening assessment results for Year 1 will be included alongside their report. Current year 6 children will not have details of the secondary school’s class teacher.

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