Children have the best ideas.

At the end of last term I asked both year 6 classes to give me feedback on the French lessons I had taught them over the past term. I wanted to know what had helped them with their learning and what hadn’t and what I could do to improve my teaching. Well, their ideas were very insightful and certainly gave me some excellent ideas which I will certainly incorporate into my language teaching.

Children are so good at sharing their thinking and are honest in their views so I thought I would get their help in deciphering a statement we use a lot in our policies.

In our curriculum policy it states

‘We want our learners to ultimately be high attaining lifelong learners’, so my question, to the children in year 4, 5 and 6, was ‘What does ‘high attaining’ mean?’

The dictionary talks about high achieving meaning ‘dynamic, successful and ambitious’ and as adults we might think children would say that high attaining is to do with being the cleverest in the class, but no. I think you will be surprised by their answers.

Year 4

I think high attaining means being a good learner and can take on a challenge.

A high attainer always tries their best.

So like, you’ve learned a lot and feel happy and proud with your work.

High attainer: always learning.

I think high attainer means when you work hard and listen well.

Year 5

I think high attaining means learning a lot and thinking hard.

I think it means good learning.

It means you push yourself and set yourself new challenges

It means you aim high and you work hard and always try to improve so you can make the best of all your learning time.

It means always focused on learning.

Year 6

I think it means a focused learner and a great learner, a person who comes into school every day.

I think it means achieving high levels in learning and having passion in learning and being able to cope with learning new things.

Hard working and gaining knowledge.

High attaining means that what you learn now you will know it all your life.

It means you focus and listen so you learn better.