Snow and Christmas

I won’t pretend that last week wasn’t a challenging one in school. The snow and then the ice brought their own particular challenges in terms of keeping both adults and children safe. However once again the school community came together to ensure that we only had to close for one day. Even though we had to re-schedule our Middle Phase Nativity twice we did manage to clear the paths from school to church from ice so it could take place on Friday afternoon. Once again there was a very large number of parents and school supporters enjoying the splendid service. It really was a magical, memorable afternoon.

One of the other highlights of the week was adults and children  enjoying being in the snow together on Tuesday afternoon. After speaking with our year 6 children I know how they remember very fondly the last time (5 years ago) we were able to do so and I have no doubt that more long lasting memories were made on Tuesday in the snow.

High quality music provision has been key characteristic of our school for many years, but I didn’t appreciate just how many very talented musicians we had until our wonderful Christmas Music Concert on Wednesday evening. The venue was St. Mary’s Church, Bloxham and it was absolutely packed with proud parents and families enjoying the festive concert.

The curiosity of young children continues to inspire. One member of our Foundation Stage wanted to know why the adults were playing with salt in the car park. A scientific investigation was set up, demonstrating how the salt caused the ice to melt, using the language of a solid turning into a liquid. An annotated report was subsequently produced by one very proud young person. Inspiring Young Minds.