On the ropes

Following a very motivating session on Monday, skipping fever, for both staff and children alike, certainly hit our school this week.  Every lunchtime and break time the sounds of twirling ropes and bouncing feet have been heard round the playgrounds. With some adults and children achieving a staggering 200+ skips in 2 minutes (that is more than 2 per second!) it has proved to be an intensive work out for all taking part. The skip off between the highest scoring child and adult on Monday was excellent and inspired other members of staff to hone their skills for a repeat during Friday, with the children really enjoying the additional aspect to their Friday lunch break.

Last week I wrote about the number of after school clubs that we are lucky enough to have at our school. What I didn't’t realise was that in total there are an incredible  17 in operation this term, with some having a staggering 80+ children taking part and others proving to be so popular that there are waiting lists in operation. They really do add another dimension to our school and provide the children with other opportunities to experience and in which to flourish.

There has been a lot of news recently about the well-being of children and teenagers in the national press. Our nurture provision (Robin Room) really is a distinguishing characteristic of our school and the quality of the support was recognised in both the OFSTED and SIAMS inspections earlier this year. Bizarrely, up until recently we didn't’t have a written document about our approach, but this was put right by the Governing Body at the meeting last week. Look out for the document on our website soon.