Respecting and Celebrating Differences

Two members of staff led our Assembly with theme  "Celebrating Differences" on Wednesday. As can be seen in the attached picture they were certainly dressed for the part and undertook their roles with great enthusiasm and energy. The children really enjoyed taking an active part in the proceedings and  very quickly grasped and understood the message behind the costumes that whilst people may look the same they are unique and we should celebrate and respect differences.

Once again this morning I had the great privilege of being alongside the House Captains at the Remembrance Service in Bloxham. The sun shone, the icy wind blew and I felt a real sense of pride being there with them. They undertook their roles with appropriate solemnity and were excellent ambassadors for our school.

Music has always had a very high profile at our school. Currently we have a choir of 90+ children, ukele group of over 50, school orchestra, plus high quality specialist lessons for all children in years 1-6. On Friday we celebrated an incredible solo piano performance by a child in year 2. He played with no music, wasn’t visible behind the piano but captivated both children and adults alike with the quality of his performance. Another Inspiring Young Mind.