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Respect was a recurring theme last week in conversations people had with me about the children at our school. Early in the week we had our upper Phase Sports Day. It really was a splendid event, as always expertly organised by our PE team, supported by all staff. The children competed against each other and gave their all during the morning. Many parents and grandparents commented on how much they had enjoyed the Sports Day, and in particular how impressed they were by how well the competed, but then showed each other great respect, irrespective of whether they had won or otherwise.

On Friday I had the pleasure of accompanying our year 6 children to Blenheim Palace on what will be their last school visit as primary school children. Yes it was a more light- hearted and fun visit than some other days away from school, but still they children showed each other great respect. More than one members of staff working at Blenheim as well as other people visiting Woodstock commented on just how well behaved and respectful the children were to each other and adults alike.

Finally- respect and admiration to all our children who took part in the Warriner Arts Festival last week. On Monday we had over 100 children taking part- just about 1:4 of our school. Not surprisingly they did splendidly in the choir part of the tournament, getting top marks from the adjudicator.  On the second day a wonderful band of thespians performed some Shakespeare, which I know from speaking with both parents and staff who saw the performance was wonderful. 


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