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On Friday we held our traditional Governors Award Celebration, during which each classteacher celebrates the achievements of one of the children in their class. Listening to the teachers celebrate the success of the children and see the pride of their parents during the presentations is always one of the my own personal highlights of the year. 

Celebrations of this nature inevitably prompt reflections on the academic year which is just drawing to a conclusion. Whilst it is my role of Headteacher to continually want things to be better, I can’t help but think that it has been a successful year. The very positive OFSTED, coupled with the outstanding SIAMS inspection were undoubtedly highlights- not only in the overall grading but also the comments within the reports. 

The range of sporting success, high level of participation and the just as important respect the children have shown during sporting events have been a key feature of the year. We all know the importance for education and health reasons of children being active and it is clear we are in a very strong position to develop this even more in the future.
The outstanding range of music and Arts taking place in school culminating in the award of the Arts Mark Gold will also remain in the memory for many years. It is not only the activities themselves that were memorable but also the enjoyment and attitude of the children during them which will stay with me for over time.

Inspections can only take a snapshot or a cross section of the teaching and learning that takes place at our school. For me the continued highlight has been the excellent teaching and learning that I see taking place on a daily basis in that continued pursuit of excellence so there can always be Inspiring Young Minds.

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