Keeping Children Safe

Last week I undertook my Designated Safeguarding Lead bi-annual refresher training. The training reminded me that, even in these very difficult financial times, it is right to continue the emphasis on emotional well-being that is such distinguishing characteristic of our school. I was also reminded of the role modern technology and social media in particular now play in safeguarding. This becomes more of an issue in secondary education but we must not be naïve about its impact with younger children. Helping keeping children safe is and must continue to be a vital part of our work.

Most days I am lucky enough for Inspiring Young Minds to share their work with me. Last Monday was no exception when a group of year 6 children, who may not always have been so enthusiastic by Maths very proudly and animatedly, demonstrated their new found knowledge and skills. To see and hear the excitement was genuinely inspirational.

Returning to the theme of keeping children safe, 24 year 6 children started their Cycle Training (previously known as Cycling Proficiency) on Friday. I am very grateful for the splendid group of volunteer parents who agreed to be trained last term, meaning that they can offer the training themselves to the year 6 before they leave our school.