Good to be back

Yes of course the holidays are great, but it is also always good to be back at school. There is something special and it is a real privilege to welcome children and their parents back to school at the beginning of the year.  Greeting the children in the morning at the gate at this time of year can be cold, but without wanting to sound too clichéd there is something very warming about seeing their sense of anticipation and invariably eagerness to be back at school.

Last Friday (closest Collective worship to 6th January) we spoke about the final part of the Christmas story with the arrival of the Wise Men from the East, with their gifts. For me, one of real gifts of Christmas was seeing the children take part in the whole range of Christmas services and celebrations, both at school and in St. Mary’s Church. I know I have written about it before, but I think it is worth repeating that it is impossible not to feel uplifted and leave with a spring in your step after being part of the celebrations with the church full of approximately 800 children and adults coming together as one.

Moving forward- we are currently in the process of reviewing our curriculum policy. As part of the review we wanted to know what the older children thought was meant by the phrase, high attainment. Take a look at Ms. Oatridge’s blog for this week about some of the responses they children gave. They make fascinating and very interesting reading.