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Last weekend there was a special day of prayer at St. Mary’s Church in Bloxham. As part of the day we were asked if children could write their own prayers which would then be put on show in the church. The attached image shows the result- over 400 prayers were written and were seen in the Church. As one well respected member of the church and school remarked, “It is wonderful to see the Church and school walking together.”

This morning a group of approximately 30  children plus 5 staff took part in the Oxford Schools Challenge, which meant they were all able to run a mile in Oxford, just after the last of half marathon runners had left and before the first returned 13 miles later. Yes, it meant an early start, (before dawn for some) to ensure that were able to take part, but looking at both the parents and children’s faces as they finished the effort had been well worthwhile. The same applied for the staff. Going together until we all reached the start before some children very quickly left at least some of the staff behind. It really was a splendid morning for all concerned.

This year we are holding some Open Mornings for parents whose children will be starting school in September 2018. Look out for the dates that will be in school newsletter next week  and on the school website. 

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