Fabulous Friday

Yes, it was a Friday, and the sun was shining after the recent storm but these weren’t the main reasons for it being a Fabulous Friday.

Working with parents, the Governing Body have been working really hard to improve children’s attendance at school. Attendance last term was approximately 96.2% which is an improvement but the recent trend had been in the wrong direction. However on Friday it was remarkably just about 99%, which is a level of attendance I don’t think I can remember there being in school before.  The icing on the cake was a child coming back in the school after a parent had read the recently produced leaflet on attendance and appreciating that if children feel better during the day they can return to school for the afternoon. Wonderful news- long may it continue.

On Friday one of our wonderful group of administrative staff and I met for her annual appraisal meeting. Quite rightly our focus in school has to be on providing quality teaching and learning. As I have said it is our responsibility and privilege to remember that the children only have each day once in school. However, without the outstanding work of the members of staff who don’t have constant direct contact with children, those who do would not be able to concentrate on that core purpose.

The highlight of the afternoon was undoubtedly talking Maths with one of our year 6 children. She was so proud of her achievements and recent progress it was genuinely humbling. I reminded her that nobody could now take away from her this new found knowledge and understanding. She really is an Inspiring Young Mind.

The image for the blog- a year 2 child’s very impressive home learning of a model of the Titanic.

No- it wasn’t due to it being  a Friday or the sun shining.