Extreme Inspiration

Making sure that children are competent readers with a real love of reading is a vital part of all primary schools’ work. As can be seen from the attached picture we have been celebrating in school recently some “extreme” locations where children have been enjoying reading. I am not suggesting that you may want to copy some of their favourite locations, but sure you have your own particular special place to enjoy reading a book or perhaps in this day and age a kindle.

Inspiration of a different type came was evident earlier in the week when a year 3 child shared his home learning with me. Once again I was inspired by not only his knowledge but also his thirst to find out more. We started by having a general discussion about averages, before he enquired whether I was talking about “mean, median or mode.” He wasn’t quite sure what the last two meant but was very keen and delighted to find out more.

Welcoming children and families at the gate in the morning is one part of my role I really enjoy. Last week it was wonderful to look up and see in the winter sun some birds using the feeders that the members of the Gardening Club had made earlier in the week. This was swiftly followed by a child who has recently joined our school very proudly presenting me with some writing of the letters and sounds she had recently been learning. Primary Schools are really special places, full of Inspiring Young Minds.