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This year is my 30 something year working in primary education and you would have thought by now that I would be used to that combination of excitement and first day nerves, but not a bit of it. After speaking to colleagues I know I am not alone in this perspective. Fortunately greeting smiling children and parents at the school gate on the first day very rapidly eases me into looking forward to all that the new school year inevitably brings.

On the INSET day we spent some time reminding ourselves of the importance of meeting the needs of each and every child. It is both our professional responsibility and joy to do so. This year we also focussed on the importance of helping children develop resilience, particularly in the more traditional elements of their school work. It may be a cliché but we need to ensure that children’s mindset is not I can’t do it, but rather what can I do so that I can do it. All those working with children need to have the same positive perspective.

It didn’t take long for there to be Inspiring Young Minds. During the holiday a set of African Drums were delivered to school. I suggested that it might be good if a member of staff whet the appetite of the children by playing a short rhythm in our Collective Worship. About half an hour later all the school enjoyed an impromptu concert from one of our classes of African drum music. It really was inspirational on so many levels.

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