Enthusiasm continues to be very much in evidence

Due in no small part to the extra hours worked by members the admin team producing the booklet, collating the replies, contacting parents as well as liaising with those who run our after school clubs, our remarkable and growing range of clubs start next week. This year we have a minecraft club, gardening club, church club, many sports clubs, a wide range of musical clubs as well as those which Bloxham School generously run for us. We really are fortunate that so many adults (staff, parents and school supporters alike) are willing to give of their time and expertise with such enthusiasm.

I always really enjoy all teacher parent meetings and the conversations about children’s’ strengths as well as of course the next steps for their learning. However it is always the case that the meetings between Foundation Stage teachers and parents have a distinctive characteristic of enthusiasm and earnestness, due no doubt to the fact that the children have only been in school for three weeks or so. This was certainly the case last week as the first round of these crucial meetings was taking place on Thursday evening.

The cover image for the blog this week is of some examples of the home learning from year 3 last week. There is a remarkable mixture of materials and techniques as the children made their models. From talking with parents and children as they came into school it was clear that the enthusiasm for the task had been shared by many parents- producing some collaborative family models- home learning at its best.