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We have worked hard this week!

In Maths we have been practising mental addition and subtraction calculations using 4 digit numbers. We have been practising our 8X table and today we had a big test – well done, everyone did better than last week. Some people got 90/90! We gave Mr Ingall a copy of the test and timed him. He got them all right in quite a quick time.

In English we have been innovating our BFG stories. We wrote about a different setting, trying to use as much descriptive language as possible. Mrs Best has bought a GOLD pen. She is going to underline any excellent “golden” words in our writing and we will put them on our Word Tree in the class room. In our lesson today, we made our dream jars , using the pictures etc that we chose for our dreams. They look awesome (although there was rather a lot of clearing up to do afterwards!) We described our dreams using BFG language like “stinkworm” and “gigglepot”.

In Topic we learned about the key features of mountains and drew a picture with labels.

In Art we found out some more about Leonardo da Vinci and drew our hands by observing them very carefully. We included every detail, every wrinkle and every cut.

We have been playing tag rugby, working with partners and running up the field, passing to each other. Then we had a mini match.

We continued learning about shops in French. We sang a song about where to buy our baguettes, gateaux, crevettes and jambon. We are also practising our short French conversations.

We have been out for Active 10 a few times, but not every day.

Congratulations to:

Tom Carter and Millicent elected as school councillors

Molly Sanderson elected as our Eco Warrior

Joanna Young and Charlie Stapleton  elected as our sports councillors

Thought of the Week:

It matters not how many times you fall, what matters is how many times you rise.

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