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This week in Maths we have been discussing different strategies for adding in our heads: counting up, portioning and rounding and adjusting. We have been applying it to adding decimals and calculating the answers to word problems.

In English we have reached the innovating stage of our writing. We have watched a video clip of a film called Evol and we have been making connections with the story of the Damsyrams from last week. We really enjoyed the film and thought up lots of amazing words which we put in word banks ready to use next week in our writing.

In PE we started learning the Lindy Hop, a dance that was popular during World War II. We are dancing it to Glenn Miller’s ‘In the Mood’. Some of us are amazing dancers although it is quite energetic and makes us breathless! In Games we are practising and playing Netball.

Our Re work this week was to listen to and study the Gayardi Mantra – the morning mantra which Hindus say to clear their minds of distractions and to re energise themselves every morning.

In Music we are learning about the origins of Reggae and singing it too – it is very exciting.

We have been finding out about Martin Luther King and we completed a crossword using information from a power-point. We listened to his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech.

In Topic we have continued to learn about World War II. We are finding out facts about the different leaders of the Allies and the Axis powers to make into a fact file.

On Friday we did observational drawing of REAL WW2 artefacts. We had a gas mask and its original case, some medals, a diary which has an entry saying that war has been declared, model spitfires, a soldier’s beret, a second gas mask case and a tin hat which was worn by a policeman during the War. What an amazing collection. We are going to make a museum section in the classroom, to display all the objects. Thank you very much for lending them to us.

Thought of the Week: mistakes are proof that you are trying

Thank you to Fuji table bloggers.

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