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This week we continued to challenge ourselves drawing angles using protractors and we made a connection map about angles on a straight line to consolidate our learning. We used compasses to draw circles on coloured card using the Fibonacci sequence. We cut them out and stuck them together to make patterns. They look cool!

In English we have been inventing our own stories based on the “Almost” story. We made story bags to keep our ideas in and we practised changing the verb tenses in our writing, keeping them consistent.

We braved the cold, put on our PE kits and went out to learn Fitball. It was great fun and we enjoyed it, trying to score as many points as possible.

In Art, we made black and white houses for a street scene of Pudding Lane. We are starting to learn about the Great Fire of London and we will be putting them on the display with flames and smoke. We enjoyed using the iPads to research the architecture.

Thank you to K2 table for the blog.

Thought of the Week : You learn something every day if you pay attention.

Word of the Week: circumference

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