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Last Friday we went to Bloxham School to watch We Will Rock You.  Some children got to go to a workshop and see a sneak peak at the performance, also the children at the workshop got to have lunch, we had fish fingers and chips.  For pudding we had chocolate and jelly, yum!

In maths, we used compasses and protractors.  Next we went outside and were turning clockwise and anticlockwise, we also talked about quarter turns, half turns and whole turns.  We also learnt a saying to help us remember different points on a compass: Never Eat Shredded Wheat.

For the Christmas Fayre we baked gingerbread men, and cut out Xmas trees, holly, angels, and baubles.  We also used air dried clay to make Christmas tree decorations.  These were then sold at the Christmas Fayre they turned really well (see picture)

In P.E. we are learning how to play hockey, practising skills such as: dribbling, using the other side of the stick, and push passing.  Some of us also had cross country on Thursday.  We represented the school very well.

In History we were learning about The Great Fire of London.  We used the iPads to find out information. We played a game about the fire.  We jotted down notes then we did a timeline.  We have also drawn and coloured our own Tudor houses for a display.  Once we finished we went on a Minecraft site about the Great Fire of London.

Word of the Week: scintillating

Thought of the Week: Fair isn’t everybody having the same. Fair is everybody having what they need to succeed.

Thank you to Ben Nevis table and Mrs Heron for this blog.

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