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This week we started a new science topic: Cycle of Life. We visited the school pond and we learned the life cycle of the butterfly. We used different pasta shapes to make the life cycle on a paper plate. We also made really groovy wiggly caterpillars out of bendy straws.

In History we continued to learn about the Home Front, thinking about the Dig for Victory campaign. We designed and made propaganda posters encouraging people to grow their own food. We also planted beans and peas and we are going to measure them as they start to germinate.

In English we innovated letters for the myths that we are going to write next week. We have thought about heroes and monsters too.

We classified polygons (closed  2D shapes with straight sides) and described them to each other. We played ‘What am I?’ where Miss Jones wore a shape on a headband and she asked us yes/no questions. She was really good at guessing!

We had our weekly Cricket session with Andy (it didn’t rain this week) and in Games we started learning Tennis skills: how to hold the racquet and hit the ball. We also practised forehand and backhand shots.

In Computing this week we researched how to grow food from scraps (Dig for Victory again) ready for our home learning activity.

As we are learning about life cycles, in French we revisited the Very Hungry Caterpillar (La Chenile qui a fait des trous) We read the sentences and painted pictures to go with them. We hope to read our story to our partner class 2S when we have finished it.

Thought of the Week: Today is a good day to learn something new.

Word of the Week: claustrophobic

Simile of the Week: as claustrophobic as hiding inside a cupboard

Thank you to the B17 Flying Fortress bloggers

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