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This week we have been practising our play of The Story of Ruth for the Harvest Service in church next week. In RE we have also been making a little booklet for our retelling of the story.

In Maths we have been practising telling the time in analogue and digital time. We have also been converting from 12 hour to 24 hour time and reading timetables. We have been revising our 3x and 9x tables.

In English we have been writing the build up of our stories. We discussed the features of suspense text and made sure to include an ellipsis … and lots of great description. We have also been investigating noun phrases and embellishing them.

the cat (noun phrase)

the spitting, ferocious cat (embellished noun phrase)

We also learned that ‘the’ is called a determiner.

In our topic lessons this week we have been investigating how the different heights of the land are shown on the flat surface of a map. First, we looked in atlases at using a legend with different colours to shoe the different heights and we made our own maps with legends. On Friday, we looked at Ordnance Survey maps and learned about contours. The closer together the lines are, the steeper the slope, when they are spread out, the slope is more gentle. We made our own hills with contour lines (see pictures) Ms Oatridge came in to see our lesson and we really worked together to complete the task.

Word of the Week: derelict

Thought of the Week:

You’re off to great places!

Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting so…

Get on your way!

Dr Seuss

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