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This week, in Computing, we have been practising coding, using our Caesar ciphers to write messages to each other. We are also making a fact-file about leaders in World War II, using the new lap tops. We are practising cutting and pasting onto Word documents.

In Maths we have been converting grams to kilograms and millilitres to litres multiplying and dividing by 1000. We have also been describing triangles and using their features to classify them.

We have been practising our Netball skills, passing and getting into a space, turning to receive the ball. In PE we have continued to learn the Lindy Hop, some of us started dancing with partners and improvising our own moves.

This week we have been innovating our Rebirth stories in English. We watched a film about a phoenix and a collector. When he picked up the feather, he became the phoenix. We decided on the toolkit features we are going to include when we write our own stories and practised starting sentences with similes. We innovated characters and settings and investigated personification.

In PSHE we talked about other people’s dreams. We discussed a person in a war zone who dreamt about peace and an African boy who dreamt about a tap with fresh water, so that he won’t have to walk a long way to get water.

In RE we found out about Dharma the laws that help Hindus to have good Karma and pilgrimage.

On Friday we won the GOLDEN BOOT for having the tidiest cloakroom in school!

Word of the Week: annihilation

Thought of the Week: You are free to choose your action but you must accept the consequence of your action.

Thank you to the K2 bloggers.

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