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This week, in our History topic, we started finding out about the Home Front.  We have been investigating the rationing of food and the Dig for Victory campaign. Mrs Davis showed us how to plant potatoes. We have placed seed potatoes in egg boxes with the ‘eyes’ at the top and they are going to sit somewhere dry and light for a while, then we will plant them in the school garden. We have made a ration book with coupons in. We looked at a tray of the rations for a week –just a few ounces for a family for a week. We were all surprised how little there was – especially the bacon (one rasher each) the milk and especially the sweets, only 1 ounce a week – hardly anything at all! We have new WW2 planes table names: Spitfires, Hurricanes, Stukas, B17 – Flying Fortresses and Mustangs.

In PSHE we have started a new topic – Healthy Me. We have been finding out about how smoking cigarettes affects our bodies: lungs, heart, brain and teeth. We looked at videos of the lungs and hearts of non- smokers and then compared them with smokers’ organs, which were horrible and disgusting. We made posters to persuade people not to smoke.

In English we have been reading Theseus and the Minotaur. We made up some dramas of the story and performed them to each other. We watched film clips and made story maps of the ancient Greek myth. We also did a crossword which was good fun.

We have been learning the ‘bus stop’ method of written division. Some of us found it tricky at first but we persevered. Most of us really enjoyed it and found it easy to do, much simpler than ‘chunking’.

The Cricket season is coming! We watched a great presentation from Oxfordshire County Cricket and we are looking forward to our coaching sessions.

Word of the Week: labyrinth

Thought of the Week: The expert in everything was once a beginner.

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