This week has seen the children in 3W working reciprocally in Science, English and Maths. We are certainly getting better at sharing our ideas as well as listening to the views of others. In Science, we have been sorting materials into magnetic and non-magnetic. We made some interesting discoveries about different metals and different magnets! Some of the children have brought in magnets from home and have been doing a lot of extra research and reading about this subject at home. Well done!

In Maths we have been practising partitioning, adding, multiplying and dividing. Fabulous partner work in Maths has ensured that all of the children get the opportunity to use mathematical vocabulary.

In English we have been honiing our grammar skills - practising using fronted adverbials and deciding when to use 'a' or 'an' in sentences. Whilst innovating our Enchantress text, one pupil suggested we replace our 'evil character' with Donald Trump! Just one of many funny moments that make up the teaching and learning week! wink

Our incised block printing using polysyrene was fun this week. Unfortunately, the classroom looked a little like a snowstorm afterwards!! A moment here to thank our lovely cleaner, Kim. Check out our growing William Morris display - it's staritng to look fabulous

Superstars Eliza and Katya have done a great job this week. Phoebe was a well deserved Top Banana for a consistent positive approach to all of her learning. Well done, Phoebe smiley

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